5 Natural Pre-Workout Supplements That You Should Be Using


Natural pre-workout supplements are designed to give you a little burst of energy, to help power you through your toughest workouts, as well as make your workouts more overall effective. And this is a great thing, because, in today’s day and age, it can be difficult to have enough energy to work out every day — no matter how important your fitness is to you.

But are pre-workout supplements really healthy and can they really accomplish what they claim? And if so, which should you be using?

Natural vs. “Artificial” Pre-Workout Supplements

A lot of different products fall under the pre-workout supplement banner, both natural and artificial. Generally, all pre-workout supplements contain fancy-sounding ingredients that are actually totally natural — like caffeine and creatine, as well as a long list of amino acids. These ingredients are mostly harmless and can help you obtain your fitness and health goals.

But a lot of pre-workout supplements are also filled with artificial flavors, artificial colorings and artificial sweeteners. These ingredients can cause allergic reactions and even more serious problems, such as heart and kidney issues.

Before you commit to any pre-workout supplement, do your research and learn which ingredients are natural and which aren’t — then opt for the natural versions. Your body will thank you later.

Here are some of our favorite natural pre-workout supplements options.

1. Beet Natural

Beet Natural is a 100% natural pre-workout supplement that can be taken as late as 20 minutes before you begin your workout. The ingredients include beets (which are rich in natural sugar, vitamins and minerals), beta-alanine, yerba mate and additional vitamins. The overall result is a better workout, with higher energy levels and enhanced performance.

Like most traditional pre-workout supplements, Beet Natural comes in a big tub, and you scoop out the powder for use in a liquid drink.

2. PRE All-Natural Pre-Workout Performance Intensifier

If you don’t like the thought of your pre-workout supplement containing caffeine, no matter how harmless caffeine may be, go with this caffeine-free, BCAA-enhanced option.

PRE’s secret ingredient is oat straw — a simple-sounding performance enhancer that increases your body’s nitric oxide levels and energy, while also reducing anxiety. Another ingredient is Rhodiola Rosea, which likewise lowers stress and fatigue while helping your mood.

Now, you may actually notice that this performance enhancer does not include caffeine, as there’s no strong energy boost that you’ll get from drinking it, but if that’s not a big worry for you, you should be completely satisfied with this option.

3. Vintage Blast

Vintage Blast is filled with amino acids, two types of caffeine, and is vegetarian and keto-friendly, making it a great fit for those who are on specialized diets. There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners, either; instead, the product gets its flavor from natural sources, such as stevia and pineapple juice.

4. Fresh Cap HERO Cordyceps

If you’re trying to increase your oxygen uptake, then you may want to try out this caffeine-free pre-workout supplement that’s derived from pure mushrooms, with no added grains, mycelium, or other fillers. What are cordyceps? Just a fancy name for fungi, like mushrooms. Cordyceps are energizers that overall boost stamina and blood flow, while also removing toxins from your body. Additionally, the product, which can be added to any smoothie, is naturally filled with antioxidants.

5. Powher

A lot of pre-workout supplements are made with men in mind, not women. And while that’s more or less okay and you may have no problem stealing your pre-workout powder from your husband, sometimes it’s nice to have something made just for you.

Powher is designed to provide female users with longer-lasting bursts of energy. It contains just 13 all-natural ingredients and is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, helping you stay motivated while you burn away fat faster than normal.

Users report that Powher provides a nice kick of energy when added to water or juice half an hour before working out, but is helpful not only when you’re in a super-strenuous gym session, but also when you’re enjoying any kind of fitness activity, from hiking to a game of pick-up volleyball.

Adding an All-Natural Supplement to Your Routine Can Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Whether you want an all-natural supplement that comes with a high amount of caffeine, one that features limited ingredients or a vegan alternative, you can find an all-natural, pre-workout supplement that works for you among the options above.

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