5 Food Dishes to Spice Up a New Year’s Party


The holiday season is always a tiring time in the kitchen, and by the time New Year’s parties roll around, a lot of us feel just about ready to get some takeout instead. There’s certainly absolutely nothing wrong with takeout, and we’re all about supporting local businesses, but welcoming the new year feels awfully personal to us and, fittingly, we think the dishes that accompany us into the new year should have that personal touch, as well.

Especially this year over all of the others, we’re looking forward to saying hello to 2021 and, perhaps more specifically, goodbye to 2020 with a bang. That’s why we’ve gathered 5 great dishes that are sure to spice up your last night of the year.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Chorizo

Brussels sprouts tend to be quite polarizing. You either hate them or love them, and there’s no in between. We think, sincerely, that anyone who doesn’t love brussels sprouts just hasn’t had that one magical plate yet. We also think that this recipe might just be that magical plate.

Garlic, sherry vinegar, honey, and delicious spicy chorizo. The wonderful symphony of aromas coming out of the kitchen is almost enough to forget a little bit about what a year it’s been.

Roasted Potatoes with a Kick

It doesn’t take a whole lot of sleuthing around to learn that we’re big fans of potatoes, and it takes probably less research to find out we love a little spice kick. This recipe for roasted potatoes with curry leaf and mustard oil mayo is the best of both worlds.

These potatoes will give you all of the crunch you’ve ever wanted while still having a warm, soft interior. Marry that with the powerful flavors of curry and mustard for a punch of flavor you won’t soon forget.

Oysters Oaxacafeller

It’s a clever recipe name and an even more clever recipe. There are a lot of alternative takes on Oysters Rockefeller, but not a lot of them that turn out great. Luckily, this is one of those special few great takes.

Once again, we’re looking for a little extra kick. Sure, we can just reach for the spice cabinet, but an even better idea is to reach for a tried-and-true Mexican classic with some subtle heat: rajas. The roasted poblano along with the brightness of the lime and cilantro are the perfect match for the briny oysters.

Sous Vide Lobster

There’s nothing quite like a bite of soft, rich, buttery lobster—but what if we told you that your lobster could be even more buttery? The secret is in the all-powerful sous vide method. Any kitchen fanatic will at the very least know about this method, if not be well read on the topic already.

Even though this method is generally considered to be more professional, it’s also harder to mess up than other more traditional methods like boiling or steaming alone. A recipe that’s almost set-and-forget for amazing, buttery lobster—hard to go wrong with this one.

Rice and Beans

You don’t necessarily have to go very upscale with a New Year’s dish, and after a year like this one, a simple comfort meal might be just what we all need. Immigrants and southerners alike will rejoice at the nostalgia of rice and beans, and for good reason. Simple and effective, it’s tough for this dish to not hit close to home every time.

Leaning into the southern comfort of things, this recipe for Hoppin’ John cooks the meat and beans together with the rice, making sure the amazing flavor is infused in every single bite, with every single grain.